Partners:    Dr Alan Selwyn  Dr Rhiannon Lloyd   Dr Claire Mitchell  Dr Meeta Dodhia
Dr Asif Hirani
  Dr Nehal Patel  Dr Tauseef Mehrali
Associate GPs:   Dr Nisha Chandrasenan  Dr Keiran Seyan
Practice Manager:    Ms Amanda Ure

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    A London University Linked Practice. Member of Harness Locality
    Brent CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) part of NW London Federation of NHS London.

    We aim to provide a modern, responsive and efficient service tailored to your individual needs, putting you at the centre of your care and working in partnership. We place great importance on continuity of care and using the best up to date evidence to inform your health choices. We look forward to working with you to optimise your health!

    We are building a new surgery half a mile away on Stag Lane to open late 2015.

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    Email contact

    301 Kingsbury Road, London NW9 9PE

    Tel 020 8204 6464 (appointments)  020 8204 7456 (general)  Fax 020 8905 0946
    Our other surgery:  Fryent Medical Centre 331 Church Lane NW9  8JD Tel 020 8205 6262  
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