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Our digital 'front door' -
get a response by the end of the next working day or sooner!
For all medical and administrative problems and requests.
To find out about Patchs, full details here

For Repeat Prescriptions, Tests Results, Medical Records. Register for this service and download the App.

Patchs is the main way to access our services. There is a simple online form - you can write in your own words and language - it translates for us! You can also use for phone to speak your request and it will write text for you, saving waiting on the phone.
You will need to register a personal account (quick and easy). This allows you to receive secure messages and to keep a record of all previous request and responses, like email. You integrate Patchs with your NHS App. account to make it really easy - here is a good video to show how.
Please try it even if you did not like eConsult: patients are finding it much easier! Do send us your comments and suggestions.
Why do we now use online access as the main way to access our services, rather than direct appointment booking? Click here
To register with us online click this link to the NHS Registration site or go to our Registration page for a QR code and full details.

Check out our Facebook Page

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'Patient callback' saves you hanging on the phone - the system will automatically call you back when your queue position is reached. You won't be forgotten! To avoid phone waits use Patchs:
For any medical or admin help, Patchs is the quickest way - most queries are responded to on the same day of receipt. Patchs is not available from Fridays 6.30pm until Mondays 8am and on public holidays. This is to safely manage demand. It is available at all other times, so you have plenty of time to explain your problems. When we are closed please use the extensive self-help advice on NHS.UK (Patchs will recommend items).

We operate a 'Total Triage' system. Here is an explanation of Triage and why it benefits our patients

Why did we change from eConsult? Most NWL GPs (7 boroughs except Ealing) have chosen to change from eConsult to Patchs. Wide public consultation and patient representation informed a detailed NHS procurement process, looking at initially 15 different systems and ending with the shortlist of eConsult and Patchs, from which Patchs was chosen.
Having listened
to many patient comments over the past couple of years, we hope the new system will be easier and quicker for patients (though it may take a while to bed in) and will welcome your further help to make our service as responsive as possible.
For some initial information you can look at Patchs website.
We'll schedule another patient Zoom meeting soon.
NHS information about Online Consultations

Phone queues
Phone queues have shortened with staff recruitment but we are we are sorry for any delay you might experience. Use Patchs for a much quicker way to request assistance. Though we have managed to recruit more admin staff, some didn't work out and we still have vacancies (also a nurse, assistant practice manager and IT staff in particular) and reliable locum GPs are still in short supply, so staffing continues to be a problem we are trying hard to fix.

Additional evening and weekend appointments from our Primary Care Network (PCN) , Harness
Harness provides additional appointments at weekends, 10am - 4pm and on weekday evenings up to 8pm and also some extra day-time slots. Out of hours can booked via 111 or by phone 07541 490200 and in hours via our practice reception.
You will need to submit a Patchs request and may then be offered a F2F appointment, video etc. You can book smear tests, childhood immunisations, in fact pretty much anything you would book at our surgery. The doctor, nurse or HCA will have access to your records.
More info here

A new GP partner!
We are delighted to announce that Dr Vaidehi Kataria has joined our partnership! Many of you will already know her and have benefitted from her excellent care, as she's been with us for over a year, first as GP Registrar in training under Dr Dodhia who leads our postgraduate education and then as a locum. She has now decided to settle at the practice which is fantastic news for us, as a strong partnership allows a practice to develop and improve its service to patients.
Few young doctors choose to enter into partnership these days, citing the stressful healthcare environment with a heavy administrative and organisational burden and often overwhelming responsibilities. However, it is a wonderful opportunity for a young doctor to establish themselves professionally and share in the shaping and growing a service and to get to know and help patients over many years. Our oldest partner has been in place for over 37 years and this level of continuity is becoming increasingly rare, so I am sure you will share our excitement and hopes for a more secure future!
Dr Kataria

A new Associate GP!
Good news this month comes in pairs, like the buses, with a warm welcome to Dr Abdul Ghani who has joined initially as an Associate GP. He is a highly experienced and skilled GP who was, until recently, a partner in another London practice and is a GP trainer, so will boost our team enormously. We look forward to working with him and his contribution to patient care and improving our practice.
Dr Ghani 3x2

Covid Spring Boosters available now
These are available, initially for all over 75yr olds, those living in an adult care home, those with a severely weakened immune system over the age of 5yr.
You can now book these online from or by ringing 119.
It is anticipated that Covid may increase again (though case numbers are still moderately high). It is certainly recommended to keep your immunity up, especially in view of the changing variants.
If you have missed your first or second doses, it is vitally important to catch up and you can have these administered locally, too.
Here is information about local vaccination sites.

Welcome to our new Patient Operations Manager
We welcome Jude as our new Patient Operations Manager. This role has been a gap in our service since Yvonne left last year. Jude has not worked in the health service previously but brings in customer care, team management and training experience which will be valuable in helping to up-skill and reshape our front of house team, many of whom are new. He will be supporting Ann-Marie in the running of our patient care as well as background managerial work. He has lots of ideas and we hope your experience at our interface - whether using online services, on the phones, at the desk or admin requests will improve.
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A sad 'goodbye' to Nurse Varsha
Nurse Varsha has moved out to another part of the country and has had to leave our practice. She has provided an excellent service to our patients for 11 years and is a well-loved and popular member of the team, so will be much missed.
We were already at least one full-time nurse short and will now only have a locum available. Finding a new practice nurse will be very difficult - there are nationally in very short supply - but we are lucky to have found Sian who will start in a part-time capacity in May.
In the meantime apart from the limited locum nurse availability we can book appointments in the access hub.

Polio boosters for children
We have sent out call ups for children aged 1-9 to have additional boosters of polio vaccine or complete an incomplete course (sadly some parents have not understood the importance of having their children fully vaccinated). This is due to live polio virus being found in London's water supply, indicated the risk of infection in the community for any unvaccinated children or with low resistance to polio. Polio is of course a serious, potentially fatal or life-changing disease we eradicated through vaccination in the UK many decades ago. Information for parent here.

It is still around and we have patients still becoming unwell and sometimes needing hospital care, so please come to the surgery only if you have an appointment or have been asked to and use Patchs - or phone- to request any admin or clinical help. We see everyone who needs a F2F appointment but many things can be dealt with more efficiently by other means and we use Patchs to help us offer you the best option.
If attending the surgery, it is still advisable to continue precautions such as wearing a properly fitted face mask and using hand sanitiser when entering. We still need to protect vulnerable patient attending the surgery. You should have had your booster vaccine to protect yourself, your family and others.
National advice on all aspects of Covid-19 from Gov.UK
COVID VACCINATION MYTHS AND MISINFORMATION - It's a very safe and effective vaccine - do not delay!
Beware of Covid vaccine fraud
Your COVID Vaccination Status
To show others that you’ve had a full course of the COVID-19 vaccine. This important especially when travelling abroad to some countries or territories.
Use the free
NHS App (not the special Covid tracking App), easy to sign up to online.
If you do not have a smartphone you can request this on paper from 119 (takes 5 days)
Please do NOT contact the surgery for COVID-19 status - we cannot provide letters showing this.

If you are travelling the rules change frequently in each country and are complex, so check gov.UK website

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The NHS official 'digital front door' to increasing numbers of services - download and set up your secure account now!
Link your Patient Access account and use all our digital services including Patchs.
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Please use this quick and anonymous way to give your views after receiving care from our surgery.
The independent regulator of care and health services in the UK

Objection to the CQC rating

We believe the recent CQC assessment of our practice to be misleading to our patients. It rates our practice under a new system - later withdrawn and inspections suspended - against 95% of practices judged under the previous system (in which we were rated 'Good' and have not changed significantly since). We do not believe it to be a true representation of our practice.
If any patients are concerned, we're happy to discuss in detail.
Why not read the 'Inspection Evidence Table' and make up your own mind.
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Website of the new NW London Integrated Care System bringing together the health and care organisations of all 8 boroughs to provide your services.
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