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Our digital 'front door' -
get a response by the end of the next working day or sooner!
For all medical and administrative problems and requests.
To find out about Patchs, full details here

For Repeat Prescriptions, Tests Results, Medical Records. Register for this service and download the App.

Patchs is the main way to access our services. There is a simple online form - you can write in your own words and language - it translates for us! You can also use for phone to speak your request and it will write text for you, saving waiting on the phone.
You will need to register a personal account (quick and easy). This allows you to receive secure messages and to keep a record of all previous request and responses, like email. Integrate Patchs with your NHS App. account to make it really easy - here is a good video to show how.
Please try it even if you did not like eConsult: patients are finding it much easier! Do send us your comments and suggestions.
Why do we use online access as the main way to access our services, rather than direct appointment booking? Click here
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Changes to telephone appointments access:

Having successfully pilotted the automated Patchs Telephone Assistant, we have changed the telephone default to using this system preferentially - at least for a trial period.
We have a continuing significant shortage of receptionists and are finding it very hard to recruit suitable new ones. This means, at times, difficulties completing all their other important tasks in an efficient manner.
We will still give patients the choice to request a receptionist if they want and so will make this an option on the phone system. The difference will be that the automated Telephone Assistant will be the default and you have to select the receptionist - the opposite way round from the current situation.

We shall be keen to hear your feedback. If this doesn't suit, we can always change it back.
All our patient requests go through Patchs in order for us to best understand how to help patients in the most appropriate and speedy way. We look at all Patchs received within a few moments of receiving them and this allows us to respond rapidly to every request.
75% of patients submit their requests themselves but the remaining 25% are spoken to a receptionist who has to write the Patchs form on behalf of the patient. This takes quite a time and it means keeping the next patients waiting on the phone. At busy times this can mean a queue building up (though our phone waits have come down substantially in the last few months as many have commented and as we can see from our computerised phone monitoring system).
The receptionists have many other important tasks and we need the team to work efficiently for everyone and would like to free up their time.
The new Patchs Telephone Assistant asks exactly the same questions as the receptionists ask and speaking the answers to the automated system would be exactly the same as speaking to a receptionist but saves them having to spend time filling in the form - instead it all happens automatically.
A bonus is that the practices receives not only the transcribed text but also the recorded voice-file. The voice message allows you to say what you want and explain your problem in your own words directly to the doctor or administrator. This is much better than going through someone else's words! We think this system may well be a win-win for everyone.
It will take some getting used to but our pilot has shown it to be effective and straightforward for many patients - we have been receiving 20-40 each day by choice and now we think it is time to try rolling it out to everyone and push up the numbers.
We know of one other surgery - a similar sized big city practice like ours - that has adopted this way of working and that has been well-received. That gives us some confidence, so we shall give it a go and see if it works for us!
Patchs Telephone Assistant
Patchs submission switch off overnight
Due to a continued shortages of doctors we have turned off Patchs submissions overnight. Most other practices do this and finds it smooths demand. We shall assess this and welcome your feed-back. Patchs will be available as usual to request our services through each weekday day from 8am-6:30pm. Urgent care out of hours (6:30pm-8am and weekends) should be accessed via 111 as normal. Patchs still offers NHS self-care and health information 24/7.
Welcome to our new Patient Operations Manager
It has been hard to recruit to this important role and we are delighted to tell you that Sacha has just started. She has been running a busy dental clinic and brings a lot of valuable experience. She will help Anne-Marie in managing the front of house operations to ensure patients have a kind and efficiently handled experience wherever they interact with our service. She will arrange training and help identify and redesign processes that need improving. She will support Amanda, the Practice Manager, who has more and more complexity and demands placed on her running this busy practice with an ever changing NHS. We are sure you will be noticing her influence soon. Please give her a warm welcome!
Please let us know anything you think she can help with - use our
Contact Us form on this website or phone / tell us in person.
Additional evening and weekend appointments from our Primary Care Network (PCN) , Harness
Harness provides additional appointments on weekdays 9am to 8pm and on Saturdays from 9am - 5pm. Out of hours appointments can booked via 111 or by calling 0208 1947355 and in hours via our practice reception. You can book smear tests, childhood immunisations, in fact pretty much anything you would book at our surgery. The doctor, nurse or HCA will have access to your records
More info here

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The NHS official 'digital front door' to increasing numbers of services - download and set up your secure account now!
Link your Patient Access account and use all our digital services including Patchs.
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Please use this quick and anonymous way to give your views after receiving care from our surgery.
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Website of the new NW London Integrated Care System bringing together the health and care organisations of all 8 boroughs to provide your services.
The independent regulator of care and health services in the UK
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The first place to look for all your healthcare advice, queries and links - a powerhouse of reliable, validated information!
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