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Our 'front door'. Consult any time and get a response by the end of the next working day or sooner! For all medical and administrative problems and requests. No registration needed.

For Repeat Prescriptions, Tests Results, Non-doctor appointments (Nurses, Phlebotomy etc), Medical Records. Register for this service and download the App.


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High demand has caused phone queues and we are sorry for delays. We have eventually managed to recruit more admin staff and but locum GPs are still in short supply. We welcome to our team, Dr Martin Everson and our new nurse, Monica. So things are looking up!

'Patient callback' saves you hanging on the phone - the system will automatically call you back when your queue position is reached. You won't be forgotten!
For medical or admin help, eConsult is the quickest way - most queries are responded to on the same day of receipt. eConsult is not available from Fridays 6.30pm until Mondays 8am and on public holidays. This is to safely manage demand. Please use the extensive self-help advice on NHS.UK. It is available at all other times, so you have plenty of time to detail your problems.
We operate a 'Total Triage' system. Here is an explanation of Triage and why it benefits our patients

ONLINE CONSULTATION SYSTEM TO BE RE-PROCURED The complex procurement process has been completed and we aim to have a decision announced week commencing 16th May with a choice between the existing eConsult and a newer system, Patchs, following a competitive process involving initially15 different systems.

PATIENT ZOOM MEETING May 11th 2022, we had 80 participants and discussed surgery news, why we are continuing the use of online consultations and plans, the local covid situation and vaccinations, and answered many varied patient questions submitted in advance. Recorded video (1hr) available here
Text answers to questions submitted during the meeting in the chat available here (9 page document, 1Mb))

THE SURGERY REMAINS OPEN Circulating virus levels are still high, so please come to the surgery only if you have an appointment or have been asked to. We see people who need a F2F visit but many things can be dealt with more efficiently by other means.
If attending the surgery, please continue precautions such as wearing a properly fitted face mask and using hand sanitiser when entering. You should have had your booster vaccine to protect yourself, your family and others.

Use eConsult (or phone if you cannot use econsult) for advice and instead of booking an appointment and use Patient Access or the NHS App to view your results, repeat prescriptions , hospital letters etc.
We have access to hospital consultants for
specialist advice and guidance using a secure system called Rego. This helps manage complex problems which would otherwise require referral and a long wait. Referrals still take place though there is a massive backlog for the hospitals to deal with. This will take months, or longer, to manage.
This video explains what eConsult is all about
NHS information about Online Consultations

  • For Possible Covid-19 issues use the NHS Online Covid checker (or phone 111 if no access)
  • For Emergencies phone 999
  • For Out of Hours advice or care phone 111 as usual.


We recommend still wearing MASKS in shops and most indoor public spaces and public transport (despite the law changing) and keep personal distancing and good ventilation. And GET FULLY VACCINATED URGENTLY!

COVID rates are still very high and vaccination rates low locally (just over 40% fully vaccinated), so do take care and look after everyone in our community. Though the Omicron variant is milder, there are new sub-variants and people are still being admitted to hospital and sadly some die.

FULL DETAILS on the pandemic on our COVID-19 PAGE
National advice on all aspects of Covid-19 from Gov.UK
COVID VACCINATION MYTHS AND MISINFORMATION - It's a very safe and effective vaccine - do not delay!
Beware of Covid vaccine fraud

To show others that you’ve had a full course of the COVID-19 vaccine. This important especially when travelling abroad to some countries or territories.
Use the free
NHS App (not the special Covid tracking App), easy to sign up to online.
If you do not have a smartphone you can request this on paper from 119 (takes 5 days)
Please do NOT contact the surgery for COVID-19 status - we cannot provide letters showing this.

If you are travelling the rules change frequently and are complex, so check gov.UK website

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