How to use us:

Sickness Certificates
Absence from work of less than 7 days do not need a sick note: a Self-Certificate (SC2) is required (from your employer or download here).

If your employer asks for a medical certificate, tell them it is not a statutory requirement and your Doctor will not provide one. If they insist further ask them if they will pay the cost of a Private Certificate which we can provide.
sick man
For absences of 7 days or more you will need a Medical Certificate ("fitness certificate") from your Doctor. We need to see you for this as we are making a medical judgment that you are incapable of work or can return subject to certain conditions and cannot provide it retrospectively if there is no medical evidence.
If you need more
extension certificates we may need to see you again but you can send us eConsult and we can let you know.

If you have been
in hospital you should expect a Medical Certificate on discharge to cover your admission and a reasonable recovery period. If you are continuing to be treated as an outpatient, your Hospital Doctor can provide a certificate whilst you are under their care but usually it is the GP.

It is not a requirement to provide certificates for absence from
school or college or any other place and we can only issue Private Certificates for which we make a charge.

Maternity Certificates
These qualify you for Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) from your employer or the state Maternity Allowance and are obtained from your Doctor or Midwife any time from the 20th week of your pregnancy.

Please ask when you attend an antenatal appointment or fill in a request form at reception.