How to use us: Working with Patients
We are an Approve
Young Doctor
d Training Practice for Foundation Doctors and GP Specialist Trainee Doctors. This means the practice and doctors have passed the strict approval process of Health Education England to show we have reached the required standards to train young doctors and other healthcare professionals. Drs Dodhia and Mehrali lead our training programmes.

Currently we train Foundation Year 2 doctors and later will be training General Practice Specialist Trainees (GP Registrars).

Foundation Year 2 Doctors
These young doctors are all fully qualified and registered with the General Medical Council and are employed by the NHS. They have already had one year of hospital experience working as junior doctors on the Foundation Year 1 programme, usually on busy surgical and general medical wards. They used to be known as pre-registration house officers. They are now extending their experience and stay in our practice for several months, broadening their skills and putting their extensive knowledge to practical use to help them look after patients to a high standard. They are closely supervised at all times and undertake additional studies.
You will receive the same level of care from these doctors as you would from any of the GPs at the practice. You may have longer consultations and the doctor may go into more detail. The doctor may call upon their supervisor if they are unsure and their consultations are reviewed later. You may also be asked for feedback.
Some of these doctors may become GPs whilst others will choose a hospital based specialty. Whatever career they follow, experience in general practice and the community is important for them to understand how the NHS works. We hope you will welcome them and support the development of the next generation of doctors and we thank you for your assistance.

Video recording of consultations
To help them develop the way they interact with patients, we may record certain consultations to view with them. You will be asked for permission. Pease don't be afraid to say no but if you agree you will be asked to sign a consent form. The recording will be used for educational purposes only.

Other healthcare professional training

Some other NHS professionals and students may come to the practice for training and experience. This may include other doctors, nurses, pharmacists, healthcare assistants and so on. They may sit in during your consultation. You will always be asked in advance if you are happy with this. If you are not, please do not be afraid to say.