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Great for administrative requests or medical concerns when you are unsure what to do next or if you may not need to be seen. We'll asses the problem and get back to you and often sort out your problem without the need to take time out to come in!

Click on the large yellow banner on the home page.

You will be offered 3 choices:

Find out specific information about your condition - this will lead you to detailed information about your symptoms or illness, if you know what you are looking for. It will offer you various solutions which may also include an e-consultation with the GP. The information provided is all sensible, evidence based NHS approved content which will save you being led up the garden path or unnecessarily worried by the usual Google search.
Ask for general advice if you are not sure - this will lead you straight to a consultation  - you fill out a questionnaire detailing your problems - this is sent to a GP at the practice and you will receive a response by the end of the next working day* - it may be a phone call, email, be given an appointment or directed to another service)
Send an administrative request (maybe a certificate request, a query about a form or about a specific service)

The advantage of having an e-consultation is you can do this in your own time and be guaranteed of a timely response to your specific issues. You don't have to take time out to travel to the surgery and you may have more time to express yourself. If answering the medical questionnaire, it adapts to the answers you give, enabling the doctor to have the best information to help you. If you enter anything considered a 'red flag', the system will direct you to contact the surgery directly.

If you wish to consult with your doctor, you will need to be registered with us, confirm this is not an emergency (contact the surgery or emergency services in the usual way) and you give your consent to send the confidential information (full information on the data security is on the e-Consult website).

We are using this well-established system as part of a trial, within our Harness network, to find what works best. Other practices in this trial are setting up a virtual hub with a group of GPs in order to handle the e-Consults from various practices: as we have so many GPs at this practices we can handle the e-Consults ourselves.

We'll be evaluating user experiences as part of the trial so you may be asked to participate in a questionnaire or other assessment.

Please let us know any problems you have and give us feedback, good or bad.

* Your e-Consult questionnaire must arrive by 4.30pm for a next working day response.