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Health Promotion: Weight

Your weight

Worried about your weight? - the first place to start is to check your Body Mass Index - BMI (calculated as weight divided by height squared).
There is a child's BMI check too.

The NHS 12 Week Weight Loss programme is an excellent, healthy and practical way to tackle this weighty issue, used successfully by millions of people.

Being overweight or significantly underweight can both be unhealthy. A BMI between 18.5 and 25 is considered ideal. A BMI of 30 or more is obesity and when it reaches this level it can lead to health problems.

60% of the adult population is overweight or obese.

Our weight is usually a simple balance between taking in enough energy to deal with our day to day requirements and most of us take too much energy in the form of food and expend too little energy in the form of exercise. Busy modern lifestyles mitigate against easily getting the balance right. Also there is still a lot which is unknown though - genetic, metabolic and psychological - and some people find it incredibly hard to lose weight, though many of us simply don't tackle it in the right way. There are also some medical conditions which are associated with obesity and more research is uncovering new insights into weight all the time.

Modern foods can be much higher in energy content than is obvious (and "low fat" foods often contain high sugar) and portion size is often problem.

We often eat for comfort or as a displacement reaction or simply miss the fact that we have reached satiety because we are distracted by another activity such as watching TV whilst eating.

The NHS.UK healthy eating pages, "Eat Well" are really excellent.
Check what you are eating: Learn what the food labels mean.
Learn what is the best for you: Consider healthy food swaps.
For health, balanced food diet advice: Eat Well Guide
Eating well on a budget: Healthy eating need not be more expensive and can be surprisingly easy - check these tips

Improve your exercise and fitness: NHS.UK Exercise pages (Look at how much exercise will benefit you - even walking and look at the really useful - and fun - the "Couch to 5K" graduated programme and App)

The BBC Website also has useful diet advice and plans on its "Good Food" pages

There are loads of commercial weight loss programmes if you feel the need for someone to check up on you - though an online App or joining a group. Many people use Weightwatchers or Our Path .

Sign up free for these programmes for Brent residents: BeeZee Families (in-person), BeeZee Families Live (online), BeeZee Families Lite (1:1 support), BeeZee Academy (self-paced online platform)

Exercise options locally for weight reduction

Exercise Referral Scheme

At Bridge Park Leisure Centre only.

Participants work with fully qualified instructors who develop a safe and fun exercise programme to suit your conditions and individual needs. Activities include gym based exercise, gentle group exercise classes and a variety of different activities including badminton.
To join the scheme, patients need to have support from their GP or a healthcare professional, and they will need to complete a referral form. The exercise referral team will then contact them to arrange an appointment. They will be entitled to a discounted membership of £20 per month or the pay as you go rate of £3.00 per gym session

B Active Leisure Discount Card at Willesden, Bridge Park and Vale Farm Sports Centres

Get reduced prices at Brent’s Sports Centres with the B.Active Scheme. For a small one-off payment, they give regular users 25% off. Senior citizens (60+), people with a disability and people on income support get 40% off normal prices for many activities.

Our Parks

Free exercise classes across Brent London Parks including: Yoga, Abs Workout, Circuit, Bootcamps, Run Classes. All outdoor fitness sessions are for women and men. Book Online. Some locations include Gladstone Park, King Edward VII Park Wembley, One Tree Hill Recreation Ground, Queens Park, Roe Green Park.
Tel 0800 111 4464

Outdoor gyms training sessions

There are 19 outdoor gyms in Brent which can be used free of charge, seven days a week and suitable for persons over 1.2 metres tall. For those who would like guidance on how to use the equipment, induction sessions with qualified gym instructors can be arranged.

Park Run

Gladstone Parkrun is a FREE weekly 5km event for runners of all standards, which takes place every Saturday at 9:00am at Gladstone Park, Kendal Road, London, NW10 1JH. Open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.

Vale Farm Sports Centre

Including 2 swimming pools, women's only gym sessions, sports, including for people with disabilities. Discounts with the B Active card (see above)
Watford Rd, North Wembley HA0 3HG

Aspire Leisure Centre

Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore
Fully accessible leisure centre with a wide range of activities for disabled and able bodied people. Includes a pool. Pay as you go or memberships available.

Healthy Weight for Young People (includes Bluejeans app.)

The Brent Health 4 Life Team, Central London Community Healthcare NHS trust deliver a series of virtual healthy lifestyle programmes to groups of children and their parents/carers to make long term, sustainable lifestyle changes to lose (or maintain) weight and consequently improve their physical and mental wellbeing. The team works alongside the school nursing service and consists of a Registered Nutritionist, a Community Nurse and a Healthy Weight Practitioner.
This free online programme is delivered by a data protected virtual platform called Bluejeans.

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