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Young People

Young people using our servcies

If you are 16yr and over you may book your own appointments and see us on your own.

If you are under 16y we prefer you are accompanied by a responsible adult but we are always willing to talk with you or see you confidentially, if you prefer not to involve your parent or guardian.

If a decision has to be made about your care, involving treatment or a referral for instance, we would always encourage you to talk with your parent or guardian. Sometimes you may not want to though we would want to discuss this with you and offer to help you do this or do it for you if you preferred. If you still wanted it to remain confidential and we were happy that you understood all the issues and were mature enough to make this 'informed' decision we would respect your choice, though if legal issues such as exploitation or abuse were involved or your safety was at stake, we may be obliged to report it.

Access to medical records

Up to age 11yr parents are assumed to have access and control of the child's records and services and parents have 'proxy' access and control.

After 11yr, in the best interests of that child, parents may retain this facility. However, children and young people under the age of 16y may, if considered 'Gillick competent' or 'Fraser competent', be able to give their own informed consent. Working out what degree of 'competence' a young person may have to decide their own level of consent is often difficult and will require careful discussion and consideration in each case.

Young people over the age of 16yr have the automatic right of consent, unless considered inappropriate: they can allow or refuse permission for someone else to access their records and services on their behalf.

Young Peoples' Health

Helping make children and young people healthier and fitter (for life!) - food, recipes, exercise advice, weight check and much more, from the NHS.

The BRENT LOCAL OFFER: information and advice for children and young people from 0 to 25 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and families - education, benefits, travel, all sorts of resources …

Learn how to be safe online

The leading national children's charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer - information and campaigns

All about ADHD and advice on management for young people and parents

Offering dyslexia information, advice and services

The UK’s leading charity for autistic people and their families.

All about child abuse of all sorts, online and present

Asthma UK - Useful advice and checks for young people with asthma

Help with being overweight - a 6 week NHS programme run by Central London Community Health Trust - you can self-refer or through school nurse. Details here

Children with healthcare needs at school

If you child has a medical condition which needs special consideration at school - maybe extra support or knowledge of what to do to ensure your child is safe at school, then having an Individual Healthcare Plan in place will help give you assurance that your child is being looked after and responded to appropriately according to their health needs. Most schools do not have appropriate Medical Conditions Policies in place to support children with long term health conditions and yet it is a statutory requirement. if your child has a long term condition - maybe diabetes, epilepsy, severe asthma or allergies and so on - then you should talk to the school and ask about their arrangements and whether they have a policy and to suggest drawing up an Individual Healthcare Plan for your child.

About Individual Healthcare Plans to be drawn up with the school (and maybe your child's medical specialists or GP input)
Here is a template Individual Healthcare Plan

The Health Conditions in Schools Alliance produces some excellent information and acts as a lobby and focus for improving the way the educational services cater for the health needs of children.

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